Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Holi hai- Salman, Sonakshi and bollywood stars

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Holi, the festival of colours, is right around the corner.
Because of the water crises in the state, most celebrities have requested a dry Holi.
And really, all we need is just a *little* colour in our lives to make our festivals brighter.
Bollywood's stars show us how we can have fun with just a few handfuls of colour!
Here's taking a look at pictures of actors' previous Holi celebrations.

Sonakshi Sinha
IMAGE: Sonakshi Sinha. Photograph: Sonakshi Sinha/Twitter
Sonakshi Sinha mixes the perfect pout with colours of red.
Salman Khan and Yohan Khan
IMAGE: Salman Khan and Yohan Khan. Photograph: Arpita Khan Sharma/Instagram
Salman Khan gives his nephew Yohan some love. Yohan is Sohail Khan's son.
Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber
IMAGE: Sunny Leone and Daneil Weber. Photograph: Sunny Leone/Instagram
Sunny Leone shares some 'before' and 'after' pictures of her celebrations with husbandDaniel Weber.
Sonam Kapoor
IMAGE: Sonam Kapoor. Photograph: Arpita Khan Sharma/Twitter
Sonam Kapoor enjoys a colourful Holi.
Zayed Khan, Farah Khan Ali, Hrithik Roshan
IMAGE: Zayed Khan, Farah Khan Ali, Hrithik Roshan. Photograph: Farah Khan Ali/Instagram
Farah Khan Ali shares a picture of her brother Zayed and then brother-in-law Hrithik Roshan and captions it: 'Crazy three! holi re holi.'
Neha Dhupia
IMAGE: Neha Dhupia. Photograph: Neha Dupia/Instagram
Neha Dhupia's Holi selfie!
Kalki Koechlin
IMAGE: Kalki Koechlin. Photograph: Kalki Koechlin/Twitter
Kalki Koechlin asks, 'Are you ready to Holi?'
Lara Dutta, Saira Bhupati and Mahesh Bhupati
IMAGE: Lara Dutta, Saira Bhupati and Mahesh Bhupati. Photograph: Mahesh Bhupati/Twitter
Lara Dutta and husband Mahesh Bhupati introduce Holi to their toddler Saira.
Esha Koppikar
IMAGE: Esha Koppikar. Photograph: Esha Koppikar/Twitter
Esha Koppikar is all smiles.
Randeep Hooda with his sister and brother-in-law
IMAGE: Randeep Hooda with his sister Anjali and brother-in-law. Photograph: Randeep Hooda/Twitter
Randeep Hooda, his sister Anjali and his brother-in-law head home after playing Holi.

Vatsal Sheth and Ayush Sharma
IMAGE: Vatsal Sheth and Ayush Sharma. Photograph: Arpita Khan Sharma/Instagram
Vatsal Seth and Arpita Khan's husband Ayush Sharma pose with friends.

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