Saturday, March 7, 2015

Pranati Prakash - Miss India 2015 Contestant

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Miss Alcheringa; 1st runner up, Miss NDA; Winner of She's Got The Look
City: Dehradun
School: Loretto Convent, Delhi
College: NIFT, Mumbai
Profession: Fashion Communication student
Interests: Acting, designing, travelling, yoga, dancing, drawing and painting
Crowned: Miss Alcheringa; 1st runner up, Miss NDA; Winner of She's Got The Look

Favourite quote:

Success is not defined by our possessions but what we make out of our possessions.
What gives you a high?
Achievement and creation

One law you would like to break...
Want to travel the world freely. Break the laws of boundaries.

Best pick-up line you have ever heard...
Never kept a track of them.

Rate in order of priority the three qualities that every woman must possess!
Confidence and belief, independence, sensitivity

One achievement that will make you feel your life was a huge success...
Winning an Oscar for being the best actress.

The last movie that made you cry...

Rate in order of personal preference, the three qualities that you admire in a man...
Intellect, observation, communication skills

What is the craziest rumour you have heard about yourself...
Rumours don't make sense to me.

With which celebrity would you like to go on a vacation?
Priyanka Chopra

If you were to give one bit of advice to the youth today, what would be that?
Don't waste time. Make every minute worth.

Your body to you means...
A medium of expression

Favourite actor
Priyanka Chopra

Favourite movies
Shawshank redemption

Love is...
Passion and content...a constant drive

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