Saturday, October 11, 2014

AbRam, Gauri cameo in SRK's Happy New Year

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Shah Rukh Khan decided to present his younger son’s picture to the world through Twitter just a few days back. We caught up with his wife, Gauri Khan, who chatted happily about their little one, AbRam’s big screen debut and her latest project where she is designing the interiors of Planet Hollywood Goa for actor Sachiin Joshi.

Why did you and Shah Rukh decide to post AbRam’s first picture online now?
AbRam is a very happy, relaxed child. We always knew that once we start taking him out, his pictures will be clicked. Shah Rukh decided that he should be the first one to release his picture, so it was a mutual decision.

You appeared in Shah Rukh’s last film with Farah Khan. Will we see you in their next one too?
Yes, in fact both AbRam and I will be seen in the film. It was a very spontaneous decision. I was going for my shot when Farah and Shah Rukh asked me to bring AbRam along. So I went ahead. Even Aryan has done a movie appearance when he was two-and-a-half-years old.

How has life changed since AbRam’s arrival?
A child always brings a lot of happiness and togetherness in the family, but his birth has been especially great for Shah Rukh, who wakes up with a smile and runs to his room every morning. It’s the first thing he wants to do. It’s amazing how even when he’s worried, he has no choice but to smile and play with him.
Shah Rukh Khan with his youngest son AbRam.

Is Shah Rukh a bit partial to the youngest one?
I feel he’s more attracted to AbRam because he can’t get over how alike they look. Shah Rukh is so excited that there is someone who is so small and yet, is a carbon copy of him.

How have Aryan and Suhana taken to AbRam?
Aryan is in London, and he comes back for a short time. He’s grown up and busy with his own life. Suhana also has tuitions and extracurricular activities. They don’t have the time to meet us. They love AbRam, but don’t get to spend much time with him.

Your latest interior project is in Goa. What is it about?  
Yes, it’s a hotel in Goa. When I came on board, it was already in the making. This was a very interesting project because doing up a hotel was a first for me. I have worked only on homes before, so it really excited me. - See more at:

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